Why an Artist Files Revealed Online Directory?

The Artist Files Revealed Online Directory was created as a centralized repository for cultural institutions to promote their collections related to artist files and for users to discover these resources more readily. All institutions, regardless of size or geographical location, are encouraged to contribute records to this directory.

Who can use the Artist Files Revealed Online Directory?


How do I add a record to the Directory?

To submit content you will need to contact Sally McKay either by email smckay@getty.edu or phone (310-440-7489). Sally will send you login information. Once you have received a username and password, head back to the Login/Logout page http://www.artistfilesrevealed.com/tiki/tiki-login_scr.php (external link)? to get started. The menu will now have the option to "Add a Directory Record." Click, and get started! Don’t forget to click “save” when you are done!

How do I know what to put in all those boxes?

The Artist Files Revealed Online Directory Help is a user glossary that gives definitions for the fields on the submission form. We hope this will standardize and make consistent the content entered across collections. Please note that the Help doc/User glossary will launch in a separate page so that you can have it and the submission form open side by side.

How do I edit my record once I have added it to the Directory? And can anyone else edit it?

Using the login received earlier, you can open your previously created institutional record which will now have an edit/delete tab as well as a view tab.

Navigate to the "Browse Online Directory"
Click "Browse All Records"
Locate and click on the record for your institution.
From that page, on the top right of the menu bar, click "login" and enter your login.

This will allow you to select the "Edit/Delete" button (note: the edit button will turn red, and the form has the word "edit" at the top).
Make your changes, and be sure to click “save.”

Yes, others who have login privileges can edit your institutional record. In order to make this database low maintenance, the administrators are trusting those who have been given a login to enter their own record to act respectfully towards other records in the database.

How do I navigate the Directory?

The drop down menu gives a variety of options: see all directory records and sorting by various sub searches/type. We recommend that you click on “All directory records” and sort columns of interest by clicking on the column header.

Can I do advanced or Boolean searching?

Not at this time, sorry, but we hope that the next release of the software will allow for advanced searching.

Can I sort records?

Sure! Click on “All directory records” and simply click on the column header.

About browsers and how they affect the look of the site ...

Slightly older browsers will display the site beautifully - i.e. Internet Explorer 7; the newer browsers - IE8, etc. - will distort the placement of some of the images. If this disturbs you (!), when in IE8 click on the "compatibility" button which can be found immediately to the left of the "refresh" button on the top of the page and voila!

Font sizes:

If any of the fonts are too small on your screen you may click on "Ctrl +" to increase the size in the browser.

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